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I am a meditation professional with a focus on mindfulness in early childhood development.  I have over 20 years of personal practice, including yoga, kundalini, and level 1 Reiki.  I completed the training in mindfulness facilitation through UCLA's Mindfulness Awareness Research Center www.MARC.UCLA.edu , plus an additional year of Intensive Practice Program (IPP), also at UCLA.  I am a certified Mindfulness teacher with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association www.IMTA.org


After obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Development from Loyola Marymount University I spent 6 years volunteering in the Kindergarten and Pre-K special needs programs at Hancock Park Elementary School, then piloted a Mindfulness curriculum in 2015.  With a passion for how meditation can positively impact a child’s overall educational experience, I have chosen to specialize my practice in this space.  I have additional training through Mindful Schools www.mindfulschools.org and have been implementing a mindfulness curriculum teaching Pre-K through high school classes at Lycée Français de Los Angeles since 2017.  I teach privately with small groups, one-on-one, and a free monthly drop-in class at the Powell Library at UCLA.


I am a wife and mother of two.  I live and practice in Los Angeles.   

Clifftop Yoga

Flow of Movement

Mindfulness Meditation

A Tower of Stones

Controlled Concentration

Mantra Meditation

View of Meditation Garden

Strength & Healing

Loving Kindness Meditation


"The greatest wealth is health"



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Los Angeles, CA 90036

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